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By joining Washington Service Corps’ AmeriCorps program, you can help local non-profits, schools, government agencies, tribal nations and faith-based organizations meet community needs. Try environmental stewardship or a chance to help students improve academically; help adults improve their health, prepare for disasters, advance their careers or increase their technology, financial and basic skills; or provide Veterans with opportunities to engage in their community through volunteering. Take a look at the stories above to see how WSC members are making a difference in their communities.

Making a difference

WSC AmeriCorps members serve in 7 different focus areas in both urban and rural settings throughout Washington state. The impact of this service can be challenging to measure precisely because of the intangibility of some benefits, and the time it takes some interventions to result in a measurable effect. The report below is only a brief summary of the multitude of outcomes that Service Corps and Reading Corps service sites reported on between August 16th, 2018 and 2019.

WSC Summary of Program Year 2018-2019 Outcomes: 654 WSC members serve in Washington state. 61,365 community members were recruited, trained, and supported by WSC members, contributing more than 436,778 service hours. 2,209 acres of parks or public land were improved. 24,069 environmental education program participants gained knowledge in environmental stewardship. 1,449 AVID students were better prepared for high school opportunities by maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher, and enrolling in at least 1 rigorous cours. 2,998 WSC supported students improved their performance in reading or math. 1,386 more students showed improved academic engagement. 278 economically disadvantaged individuals were transitioned into housing. 241 economically disadvantaged individuals were placed in jobs. 391 more improved their skills through adult basic education or english language classes. 148 individuals who received financial literacy training showed improved financial knowledge. 9,775 individuals participating in health education programs increased healthy behaviors, and 289 gained greater food security. 300 individuals receiving independent living services reported increased social support. 1,861 individuals were enrolled in health insurance, health services, and health benefits programs. 203 veteran community volunteers felt more connected to their community. 618 individuals who participated in disaster preparedness training showed increased knowledge in how to respond to a disaster.

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Let our members help you help others! Hosting a WSC AmeriCorps member is the perfect solution for public or charitable organizations looking to leverage resources to address unmet community needs, while contributing to the development of future leaders.

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