Inspiring new environmentalism

The author Franklin Pierce Jones once said, “You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have for instance.” Franklin must have worked with a child like Stevie. Since meeting Stevie in her classroom the week before her field trip, I knew that she would prove difficult to reach. Stevie had a big […]

Young Women Empowered

My name is Coral, and I’m an AmeriCorps member serving at Young Women Empowered in Seattle through the Washington Service Corps. Research shows that girls’ self-confidence peaks at age nine, then drops significantly as girls advance through high school. There is a pressing need for mentor-based learning and leadership programs that center marginalized young women […]

Greenway to inclusivity

My name is Maria, and I am a WSC AmeriCorps member serving with Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust in Issaquah, WA. As an education associate with Mountains to Sound Greenway, I get the opportunity to jump into many different roles. A typical day involves teaching the students in the Greenway and leading them in stewardship […]

Intricate ecosystems

How big are salmon eggs?“I bet each egg is as big as my fist!” “No, I bet they’re as tiny as grapes!”What if I told you I was carrying all your eggs in my bag right now?“Wait, do you have them ALL in your bag right now?” “WHOA! Those are sooooo weird!” I was raised on […]

Ready for disaster

Over the last four months, I have served as the AmeriCorps Disaster Educator with the City of Auburn Division of Emergency Management. In this role, I have had the privilege of discussing disaster preparedness and leading workshops with 219 high school students (200 of which demonstrated an increase in knowledge post-workshop). When I reflect on […]

Navigating careers

My name is Laura. I am a WSC AmeriCorps Member serving with WorkSource in Wenatchee, WA. In my position, I help disadvantaged people who are struggling with the loss of their jobs. I help customers with creating new emails, “worksourcewa” accounts, and “saw” accounts; resetting usernames and passwords; creating resumes; and looking for jobs. I […]

The dedication of volunteers

My name is Josef, and I am an AmeriCorps member serving with the City of Vancouver Parks and recreation department as a public spaces steward through the Washington Service Corps. I coordinate and facilitate volunteer programs with an emphasis on invasive plant species removal from Vancouver’s parks and public spaces. I would like to highlight […]

Music and mentorship

My name is Naomi, and I’m an AmeriCorps member with Seattle Music Partners, an after school music education nonprofit in Seattle’s Central District. I serve as their Program Coordinator, helping to teach elementary school musicians, mentor the high school volunteer tutors who work with them, and coordinate the logistics of attendance, transit, concert planning, and […]

Maintaining natural resources

My name is Katie and I’m a Washington Service Corps member serving at Moran State Park on Orcas Island. My responsibilities include disaster relief and the construction of a new trail. To date we have been preoccupied with disaster relief and coordinating volunteer efforts. The snowstorm in early February has caused a lot of damage to […]

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