Program benefits

Want to make a difference in the world?  Looking for a life-changing experience?

Many people join AmeriCorps solely to help those in need, while some join to gain professional development skills or “try out” a position similar to one they’re thinking of making a career in – such as teaching or environmental habitat restoration.

Whatever the initial reason, by the end of their service term, AmeriCorps members realize the impact that the service itself has had on them – forever changing the way they view and interact with the world around them.

Service Term Benefits for Program Year 2018-19
  • Monthly stipend of $1,307 before deductions and withholdings.
  • Basic health insurance (not including vision coverage).
  • Workers compensation coverage.
  • Assistance with childcare costs.
  • $5,920 education award (10.5-month positions) that can be used for future schooling or to pay off existing qualified student loan debt (upon successful completion of the service term).
    • $2,960 education award for half-time (6-month) positions.
  • Forbearance (temporarily postponing paying off a loan) of qualified student loans during the service term.
  • Payment of interest on qualified student loans that accrued during the service term.
  • Serving in a full-time AmeriCorps position qualifies as “employment” towards the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.