COVID-19 response

Updated 08/27/2021

AmeriCorps members who will be serving on or after October 18, 2021 at State Cabinet Agency worksites, K-12 schools (public and private), or other setting covered by Governor Inslee’s emergency Proclamations 21-14 and 21-14.1, are included in those individuals required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by October 18, barring an approved exemption request for religious or medical reasons, as defined in the Proclamations.

 We are here to support you as we all navigate the continued response to the pandemic. Please reach out to your WSC Coordinator if you have any questions.

To help recap some of the key guidance from our most recent communication on COVID-19, please note items below:

Visit the Member Resources page for information on:

Last spring, we implemented a temporary minimum service standard of 5 hours per week with the expectation that members should continue to serve up to 40 hours per week if they were able. This was employed to provide sites and members with flexibility to accommodate the unexpected disruption to service plans due to COVID-19.

As we have clarified in several communications over the summer, the expectation for the 2020-21 program year is that members will serve full-time (40 hours per week) and sites should plan for the potential that some, or all, service may be virtual, as our state continues to combat the pandemic.

We will not place members on administrative hold for any issues related to COVID-19, and will continue to address any situations pertaining to COVID-19 as they arise.

It is our goal to be as flexible as possible during this time by helping members successfully complete their terms while supporting sites in achieving their project goals.

Any site in need of support in creating a virtual service plan should contact their WSC Coordinator.

  • Site staff must send an outline of proposed teleservice activities to their WSC Coordinator for our files. This should include a list of each teleservice activity the member will be completing, and an estimate of the amount of time they will spend on them (could be daily, weekly, or total time depending on the type of activity).
    • Training and professional development hours can’t exceed more than 20% of a member’s overall hours.
  • Site staff must document teleservice with one Teleservice Form for each member that covers all time impacted by COVID-19 (do not need to complete separate forms for each pay period/month). After members return to normal service duties, this Teleservice Form should be added to the member file at the site in accordance with the existing Teleservice Policy.

Glossary of terms:

  • Teleservice: service that members can do from home that benefits their site and project.
  • Alternative Service: service completed outside of normal duties, location and supervision outlined in the position description. While members are encouraged to serve in their focus area, they are allowed to service in any AmeriCorps focus area.
  • Virtual Service Plan: using WSC’s Virtual Service Form, the written plan your organization creates in preparation for potential site closures to ensure that members serve full-time. This could include both teleservice and alternative service activities.


There are numerous resources to stay up-to-date on COVID-19. WSC  encourages all sites and members to monitor news and information from health officials, credible news outlets and other government resources.

State resources
National resources

While we all work through this together, we hope you understand that we have many sites with unique needs, and may not be able to anticipate every situation. If you have questions, please contact your WSC Coordinator or call us at 1-888-713-6080; our main line is staffed Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. We are happy to problem-solve with you to help meet your needs within the constraints of AmeriCorps federal guidelines.