WSC Member Equity Enhancements


Individual:  Individual person or self (i.e. you are not claimed as a Dependent of another person, nor claim Dependent(s) of your own).

Household:  Means two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or decree of court, who are living in a single residence, and are included in one or more of the following categories: (A) A married couple and dependent children; (B) A parent or guardian and dependent children; or (C) A married couple.

Federal Poverty Line (FPL):  An economic measure used to determine whether the income level of an individual or family/household qualifies them for certain programs and federal benefits.

200% of the Federal Poverty Line:  Twice the Federal Poverty Line.

Annual Gross Household Income:  Total INCLUDABLE income amount received by the household within the last 12 months, before taxes are deducted.

Annual: Previous twelve (12) calendar months.

INCLUDABLE sources of income:
  • Money, wages, and salaries before any deductions (NOT including stipend/living allowance payments received as an AmeriCorps national service member)
  • Dividends, interest, net rental income, net royalties, and periodic receipts from estates or trusts.
  • Unemployment compensation
  • L&I paid on a monthly basis
  • Pensions whether private, government employee (including military retirement pay), law enforcement firefighters (LEF) disability income
  • Net receipts from non-farm self-employment (recipients from a person’s own unincorporated business, professional enterprise, or partnership after deductions for business expense)
  • Net receipts from farm self-employment (receipts from a farm which one operates as an owner, renter, or sharecropper, after deductions for farm operating expenses)
  • Regular insurance or annuity payment(s)
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Military family allotments or other regular support from an absent family member or someone not living in the household
  • On-the-Job wages from WIOA participation
  • Regular payments from railroad retirement, strike benefits from union funds, and worker’s compensation (not lump sum) training stipends
  • Net gambling or lottery winnings
  • Old Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI)
  • College or university grants, fellowships, and assistantships, state work-study, (not needs based scholarships): the key is whether or not the money is a loan to be paid back. If it is to be paid back, then it is a loan, and excludable income, if not, then it is includable.
Excludable sources of income:
  • Do NOT include stipend/living allowance payments received while serving as an AmeriCorps national service member.