Optional Training for Washington Reading Corps Members


OSPI Supplemental Training Corner

WRC’s partner, OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction), is happy to offer optional trainings to improve your tutoring skills and deepen your understanding of literacy. These trainings are designed for WRC members and do not replace required core WRC trainings.  There are two types of optional trainings offered:

  1. Online WRC Literacy Resource Page
  2. Online “Live” Member Meet-Up Trainings


Online WRC Literacy Resource Page

If you would like to access these optional, online trainings from OSPI:

  • First enroll for Canvas’ WRC Literacy Resource Page
  • In the “Login” box, enter your email address
  • Choose “I am a new user”
  • Enter your full name
  • Review the terms of use; if you agree, check the box entitled “I agree to the terms of use”

Once enrolled, you will be able to access the WRC Literacy Resource Page.

OSPI will develop this site throughout your service. We recommend you start with “Getting Ready” and “Learning About Literacy”.


Online “Live” Member Meet-Up Trainings

OSPI will also be offering optional, online “member meet-ups” throughout the service term. These will be Zoom meetings, and will be interactive! Don’t worry, they won’t put you on the spot; it is just more fun if we can all get to know each other.

You will need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone (built-in or external). You can also use a smartphone with the Zoom app.

Email Molly Berger at OSPI to sign up for the meet-ups you would like to attend:

Date/Time Meet-Up Topic
10/23/18  3:30pm Managing tutoring groups
12/27/18  1:00pm Winter reading activities
04/09/19  3:30pm Spring reading activities
06/24/19  1:00pm Careers in education




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