Workers Compensation

As a Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps State member, you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act which is administered by the Department of Labor and Industries. This is a no-fault insurance program covering service related accidents or illnesses. It covers medical benefits only; it does not pay for time lost.
If you have a service-related accident, report your injury and how it happened to your supervisor at once. Do not delay!
If you need a doctor’s care, you may select the doctor of your choice as long as the doctor treats state Industrial Insurance patients. Tell the doctor it is a job-related injury and that you are covered under L & I. Most doctors and hospitals have the Accident Report form that is required by the program. Be sure you answer every question on the “worker’s” part of the form. Where it asks for your position or job title, write AmeriCorps Volunteer. For employer’s name and address use:
Washington Service Corps
P.O. Box 9046
Olympia, Washington, 98507-9046
Your doctor will complete his/her portion of the report and will mail the original copy to the Department of Labor and Industries.


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