What You Can Expect from WSC/WRC this Program Year

Posted September 6, 2018


Hello Washington Service Corps (WSC) and Washington Reading Corps (WRC) members and site staff,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 program year!


NEW Staff to meet at WSC/WRC

We are excited to kick off this new program year with all of you. We have some new faces on our team, and want to especially welcome our new WSC Director, James Trujillo. Please read his Letter to Members and Letter to Site Staff. Additionally, we want all of you to get to know us better!  We have created a Staff Bio page on our website, and welcome all of you to take a moment to learn more about us.


NEW Communication Strategy

The new program year brings a few changes in the way we will be communicating with you. We know your program year is going to be busy serving in our communities and we do not want to bog down your inboxes with constant emails and updates. We surveyed many sites last year and we are applying what we learned to become more efficient with all communications. We have created a structured strategy to streamline and minimize communications to be as supportive as possible without being a distraction from the great work you all do.


Our new strategy includes:

  • a monthly email with upcoming deadlines and important informationPlease note, we recognize that crucial information may arise that cannot wait until the next monthly email.  When those instances occur, the subject of the email will read “Breaking News” and will provide a short summary of the topic and a link to the full story;
  • the Newsdesk, our new online communications hub. All monthly and “Breaking News” emails will be posted on this page of our website, so you can look there to catch up on the information we’ve sent;
  • an interactive online calendar with important dates to help you plan ahead in meeting deadlines and preparing for what will be coming in future months;
  • monthly telephone/Skype follow-up from your program coordinator starting in October to address any questions or concerns you may have (we understand you may be having daily contact with your coordinator right now due to enrollment). Look for a schedule request coming soon!
  • and regular “Training Tuesdays” for all WSC/WRC online training. This information is also located on the training hub pages of our website.


We are committed to providing consistent and reliable information to all of our partner sites and members, and are looking forward to another great year of service with you all!



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