Planning for winter school break


Posted November 22, 2018


Every year, we see members get behind in service hours due to not thoroughly planning for school breaks. Some of them never catch up.

In preparation for the winter break, please start working with your member now to find other service opportunities so they can stay on track to reach the minimum required hours for their term.


Over the next two weeks:

Step 1: Review Alternative Service Guidelines with your member.

Step 2: Make a plan with your member as to where and how many hours they’ll be serving.

Step 3: Get alternative service form(s) *pre-approved* by your Program Coordinator (must have separate forms for each organization they will serve with!).


After break:

Step 4: For each alternative service form, make sure your member has (1) recorded their hours, (2) obtained signature from alternative service site staff, and (3) signed the form.

Step 5: You sign each form and send to your Program Coordinator.

Step 6: Confirm your member records the hours on their timesheet as they normally would.


NOTE: Members have the option to serve up to six hours of teleservice (service from home) each month as long as they follow the teleservice policy. You must pre-approve their planned teleservice activities using the teleservice authorization and verification form.


Frequently asked question: Can members take time off? Yes, but only advisable if they’re ahead in hours. Here are few tips:

  • Review the Managing Member Leave
  • If members are ahead in hours, they may take a few days off. However, they cannot take off the entire break.
  • If your member doesn’t think they’ll be able to find enough alternative service over break, they can make a plan with you to serve extra hours prior to or after the break.
  • If a member is not on track with hours, they are expected to serve normal hours during break or establish a plan with you to make up any hours.
  • Members are not expected to serve on federal holidays, even if they are behind in hours.
  • If a member is absent from service for more than a few consecutive days please notify your Program Coordinator, as they may need be placed on administrative hold.


If you’re having a difficult time identifying appropriate alternative service for your member, or have questions about the process, please reach out to your Program Coordinator as soon as possible. We anticipate that the majority of members will need at least one of these alternative service/teleservice forms completed to verify their hours over the school break.




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