Welcome to Program Year 2019-20



Welcome, 2019-20 Site Staff!


WSC program updates and improvements

This year, we are focusing on improving our communication strategies and simplifying processes to become a stronger support for you.

Internally, we are shifting site assignments and balancing workloads to increase process standardization and improve access and customer service experience for our partner sites, program partners and members and to create a solid foundation for potential program development. Please look for customer service surveys throughout the year; we want to hear from you about how you are experiencing these improvements.

Our internal program structure has changed over the last year. There have been a few retirements and new positions added to the program, and we are excited to share the changes with you. Check out our staff profiles page and updated org chart.  The Washington Service Corps is an intermediary program with several focus areas and programs under the umbrella of the WSC unit at the Employment Security Department. These include all programming under the Washington Service Corps and the Washington Reading Corps. This year, we are integrating programs within our office, and each of our Coordinators will provide customer service and technical support for several programs and focus areas. This change is in anticipation of program growth in the near future. Our goal is to expand programming and focus areas to continually support the greatest needs in Washington State.

What to expect this year – New communication strategy

Our goal is to provide multi-faceted support for all sites and members, to assist in successful AmeriCorps projects and terms of service, while reducing mixed communication and complex processes.  To do that, we are implementing a three-step strategy:

  1. Monthly Program Wide Email. Starting in May, you will receive a monthly bulletin via email from our internal communications team designed to inform you and your members about upcoming events and requirements, as well as guidance and resources related to program processes, including recruitment and enrollment. Expect to receive the bulletin the first Wednesday of each month.


  1. Monthly and Quarterly Direct Contact. Each site will be assigned a “Site and Member Services Coordinator” (SMSC) to assist with questions and provide support throughout the year. Each month, your Coordinator will reach out via telephone, Skype or email to personally check in about any site-related needs or issues, and the items covered in the monthly bulletin. These assignments and introductions will be coming out within the next month. Once your Coordinator is assigned, they will help you with upcoming forms like the Member Position Description and member recruitment posting. If you have questions, please reach out to us! Your Site and Member Services Coordinator is your first and best point of contact for questions. However, we’re all here to help, so feel free to contact me or any other member of our team.


  1. Site Visits. We love to come out and visit our partner sites. Each new site will be our top priority for an in-person visit from an SMSC to connect and provide technical support. For returning sites, visits are based on need. To manage our statewide program, we have designed a site visit system to share the travelling between our Coordinators. This means you may be meeting someone new from our office. Visits will also be pre-planned per quarter by program admin support.

In addition to the new communications strategy and program structure changes, our office has adopted a culture of continuous improvement, and staff are working hard to simplify and streamline program requirements to serve you better.

We are proud to support so many transformative community projects, and are striving for excellence in our customer service goals to support each mission you represent.

In Service,

Kendra DeBow

Site and Member Services Supervisor