AmeriCorps Prohibited Activity: Providing abortion services or referrals for such services

On September 27, 2017, the Corporation for National and Community Service provided the following clarification to the AmeriCorps prohibited activity of providing abortion services or referrals to such services:

“Abortion services” is defined to include:

1. Performing abortions.
2. Being present in the room during an abortion in support of the woman or the procedure.
3. Obtaining or providing medications to induce a medical abortion.


“Referrals for abortion services” is defined to include:

1. Scheduling or arranging for an abortion-related appointment, including any pre-procedure appointment required by law to obtain an abortion.
2. Providing or organizing transportation for patients to obtain an abortion when the
AmeriCorps member or assigning staff member has actual prior knowledge that the purpose of the visit is to obtain an abortion.
3. Accompanying or providing translation services for patients obtaining an abortion.
4. Providing counseling or support before or during the procedure, including explaining what the procedure will be like, explaining what’s required to obtain an abortion in a given state, explaining or obtaining signed abortion consent forms from clients interested in abortions, negotiating fees or insurance coverage for a particular abortion, or other activity that promotes or encourages an abortion.
5. Providing information such as the name, address, website, telephone number, or other relevant factual information (such as whether the provider accepts Medicaid, etc.) about an abortion provider.
6. Promoting or encouraging use of abortion as a method of family planning.