WA Reading Corps Data Reporting

Quarterly reporting
Every three months, staff from each WRC service site submits a “quarterly report” which highlights the successes and challenges of their WRC member(s), student progress, and what support they may need from WRC program staff. Click below for more information on how to log in and complete the quarterly reports.

Quarterly report due dates
Quarterly reports will become available at least two weeks before the due date. Contact us if you do not receive an automated reminder from America Learns two weeks before the due date.

Quarter 1: December 17th, 2018
Quarter 2: March 15th, 2019
Quarter 3: June 17th, 2019
Quarter 4: September 15th, 2019


End-of-year student data reporting (public schools only)
Similar to LAP, program participation and student growth data for all students receiving WRC services need to be submitted to OSPI’s CEDARS (Comprehensive Education Data and Research System) database. Below is a training and FAQ page with more information on reporting student-level data to CEDARS.

Additional resources
Here are a few tools that some WRC members and service site staff have found useful:

Email WRC Data Coordinator Andrew Kuka or call (360) 522-3410.