Skype Online Check-in and Q&A Training

Review of the resources and training video on this page is required, if you did not attend the March 5th 2019 Skype Check-in,  or if you did not attend either an in-person WSC Member Regional or WRC Training Institute this service term.


March 5th Training Video Index Time
Instructions on how to email your first and last name for role call 40 seconds
Suggestions on Member Networking 4:04
Additional Training Resources for WRC Members 7:13
Member Benefits 9:09
Q&A Session Q&A Session Starts (21:40)

Role of WSC (22:44)

WSC Programs (23:45)

Site Training (25:06)

Performance Measures (26:17)

Time Sheets (28:47)

Position Description Form (40:23)

Required Paperwork (42:59)

WSC Calendar (45:04)

Teleservice (46:30)

Alternative Service (47:52)

Benefits of completing service (58:13)

Education Award (1:05:21)

Life After AmeriCorps (1:10:15)

Last Questions (1:14:48)

Wrap up-how to contact us (1:21:46)