2021-22 enrollment

Member training & resources

The training videos and resources below are intended to guide prospective WSC AmeriCorps members through the enrollment process.

Enrollment paperwork due dates

Start DatePaperwork Due By
November 16, 2021November 1, 2021
December 1, 2021November 15, 2021

After receiving all complete member enrollment paperwork, WSC, AmeriCorps, Truescreen, and FieldPrint work together to process and validate all member and service information. To allow adequate time for this processing, all DocuSign enrollment paperwork must be submitted no later than the requested due date.

*If complete enrollment paperwork and criminal history checks are not submitted by the due date, the member’s start date may be delayed. Member start dates subject to change at WSC’s discretion.*

Length: 6 minutes

This training will provide you with a broad overview and basic understanding of the enrollment process from start to finish.

See additional videos and resources below for more detailed instruction on each enrollment step.

Enrollment steps

Step 1: Reply to WSC secure email
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Length: 6 minutes

This training takes you through the first step of the enrollment process including gathering documents, responding to Washington Service Corps secure email and scheduling your FBI check.

Step 2: Accept position in MyAmeriCorps portal
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Length: 3 minutes

This training takes you through the process of logging into your MyAmeriCorps account and accepting your AmeriCorps position.

If you experience technical problems in MyAmeriCorps, contact CNCS at the National Service Hotline: 1-800-942-2677

Step 3: Complete DocuSign enrollment
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Length: 5 minutes

This training takes you step by step through the process of completing your DocuSign Enrollment paperwork.

Step 4:
Next steps
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Length: 1 minute

This training describes what’s next now that everyone has completed and signed their section of DocuSign enrollment paperwork.