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News desk

We send out communication through Monthly bulletins, updates on program changes, and breaking news from past months are archived here.


TimeTracker compatible browsers

We strongly recommend using either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when accessing Timetracker.

TimeTracker is a cloud-based service hours reporting system. Over the course of each month, WSC/WRC members record their service hours in the TimeTracker system. Every two weeks, members will digitally save and submit their timesheet to their site staff. Site staff will review the timesheet, returning the timesheet to the member for corrections if needed, and approving the timesheet if there are no corrections needed. Finally, a site and member services coordinator will review the timesheet and contact site staff if needed.

New to TimeTracker? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Review video or read written job aid on how to set up a SecureAccess Washington account (SAW).

Step 2Notify WSC of the email address you used to create your SAW account.

Step 3: Review the training videos or written instructions below to learn how to use TimeTracker.

Video Instructions
For the best experience, we strongly recommend watching these videos in the following order.

Written Instructions

To get started visit the TimeTracker login page

Forgot SAW username or password? Click here.

Experiencing problems in the system? Please contact your Site & Member Services Coordinator.

Step 1: Email Site and Member Service Lead, Jasper Marino, with your email address and which WorkSource office you’re at.

Step 2: Review the training videos or written instructions below to learn how to use TimeTracker.

Video Instructions
For the best experience, we strongly recommend watching these videos in the following order.

Written Instructions

To get started visit the TimeTracker login page

Experiencing problems in the system? Please contact your Site & Member Services Coordinator.

Members must complete their service term and meet service hour requirements to be eligible to receive an education award. Members will exceed service hour requirements if they serve an average of 8 hours per day (weekdays and federal holidays excluded). Our service hour tracking chart lists the number of expected service hours for each pay period, and the cumulative number of service hours expected throughout the year depending on when you started serving, assuming 8 service hours per day (excluding weekends and federal holidays). 

Forms & resources


Members may serve a limited portion of their service term with state agencies, tribal government, or charitable organizations other than their sponsoring organization. Please read the alternative service policy before submitting your alternative service form.

POL#122- managing alternative service (.pdf)
Alternative service form (.pdf)

To begin or terminate health insurance coverage through WSC, submit the health insurance accept or decline form below. For more information on the WSC health insurance plan, see the member benefits section on this page.

Health insurance accept or decline form (.docx)

WSC pays monthly stipends via electronic funds transfer (aka direct deposit into bank account). To update bank account information during the program year, complete and sign the EFT form, then contact your WSC Site and Member Services Coordinator to send you a secure link in which to upload the form to us.

Electronic funds transfer form (.pdf)

Depending on your household income, you may be eligible for food assistance through Washington’s SNAP program provided by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). DSHS may require proof of your status as an AmeriCorps member and monthly stipend income. Download our Income Verification Letter, ask your primary site staff to fill it out, and have it ready for DSHS to review.

Income verification letter (.docx)

All service-related accidents/injuries need to be reported to WSC/WRC. The effected member completes the first page of the report. Service site staff person completes the second page.

This form does not replace an L&I claim form.

Member incident report (.pdf)

The Member Service Agreement is the contract between you and WSC for the duration of your service term. It explains your benefits, rights and responsibilities as a WSC AmeriCorps member, as well as the expectations and responsibilities of your Sponsoring Organization.

Member Service Agreement (.pdf)

Member Service Agreement (.doc)

Members may serve remotely a limited number of hours each month. Complete the teleservice authorization form and submit it to your site & member services coordinator before recording any teleservice hours.

POL#125- Managing limited teleservice hours(.pdf)

Teleservice authorization form(.docx)

Every 3 months members submit a few paragraphs describing their service experience and the impact they are making at their service site, and a photo of themselves in action, through TimeTracker. We share these stories on our website and social media. Take a look at these members’ stories of service for examples.

Story of Service quick tip sheet (.pdf)

Your monthly AmeriCorps stipend is considered income by the Internal Revenue Service, and therefore, is taxable. A completed W4 form is required at the time of enrollment in our program. To change the number of allowances or change/renew your Exempt status, complete and sign a new W4 form, then contact your WSC Site and Member Services Coordinator to send you a secure link in which to upload the form to us.

W4 tax form (.pdf)

Media and legislative support

AmeriCorps service terms are often full of noteworthy events. Our best practices for contacting media and legislators contains tips and resources that can help you make the most of your public appearances.

Contacting media and legislators best practices

Any person who is not a WSC/WRC AmeriCorps member, who appears in media shared with us must complete a photo release form before we can include the media in any publication.

Photo release form – English
Photo release form – Spanish

For service projects or community events you’ll be holding throughout the program year, we would like to know what you may have planned so we can help generate media coverage.

Please complete and return this questionnaire to your coordinator at least two weeks before your event or project.

Project/event information for media

Outreach resources

The AmeriCorps fact sheet is a concise, two page description of the AmeriCorps national service program.

AmeriCorps fact sheet (.pdf)

The Corporation for National and Community Service operates an ordering system, supplying service sites with official CNCS AmeriCorps marketing materials.

AmeriCorps marketing materials

The CNCS AmeriCorps branding guide describes standards and requirements when using CNCS or AmeriCorps symbols, speaking about AmeriCorps, publishing information related to AmeriCorps on paper, a wesbsite, or social media.

CNCS AmeriCorps branding guide (.pdf)

AmeriCorps, WSC, and WRC logos are available for your use. Follow the CNCS AmeriCorps branding guide when using these logos.

AmeriCorps – Washington (.jpg)
Service Corps (.png)
Reading Corps (.png)

Our recruitment resources are available for your use to promote Washington Service Corps positions in your area. The recruitment flyer contains an overview of member service term requirements and benefits, as well as WSC contact information. Our Service Corps and Reading Corps media templates may also be useful in your local recruitment efforts.

Recruitment plan checklist (.docx)
Recruitment flyer (.pdf)
Newspaper classified ad template (.doc): WSC ; WRC
Newspaper public service ad template (.doc): WSC ; WRC
Craigslist ad template (.doc): WSC ; WRC
Public service radio announcement template (.doc): WSC ; WRC
Blank poster (.doc): WSC ; WRC
Blank poster with pull tabs (.doc): WSC ; WRC

Display a WSC or WRC poster in a conspicuous location at your service site to show support for your member(s).

Service Corps poster (.pdf)
Reading Corps poster (.pdf)

Help us spread the word to potential members, service sites, and supporters. Our tipsheet contains some ideas about how to best promote the AmeriCorps program.

Tipsheet: How to spread the word about WSC/WRC (.pdf)

The WSC program brochure provides a concise description of the Washington Service Corps service requirements and benefits for potential members.

WSC program brochure- English (.pdf)

WSC program brochure- Spanish (.pdf)

Service Resource Kit

Our Service resource kit is filled with resources and ideas to help you plan for and complete your AmeriCorps service term.
Click the icon below to get started!

Member benefits

Education award

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a benefit that AmeriCorps members receive upon successful completion of their term of service.

What can the education award be used for?
  • The cost to attend qualified higher education institutions (including certain vocational programs and enrichment classes). Some schools will do a full or partial match of the award; click here for a list.
  • Paying off existing qualified student loan debt.
  • Paying current expenses while participating in an approved school-to-work program.
PY 2019-20 award amounts
  • 1,700-hr term: $6,095
  • 1,200-hr term: $4,266.50
  • 900-hr term: $3,047.50
Key tips
  • The education award expires seven years after you receive it (however, you might be able to receive an extension).
  • It can be used all at once or in partial amounts.
  • Education awards are subject to federal tax. For details, go to
  • Upon successful completion of the service term, members are eligible to have the National Service Trust pay up to 100% of the interest that accrued on their qualified student loan during their service. This is in addition to the education award.

Health insurance

Program Year 2019-20 (September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020)

Member health insurance is provided through Premera Blue Cross. This plan has changed from previous years.

Deductible: $200 in network/$400 out of network
Out of Pocket Maximum: $2,000
Emergency Room: $200 Copay

Generic: $15 Copay
Formulary: $30 Copay
Preferred Specialty: $50 Copay
Non-Preferred: 30% Copay

Dentistry Options

Our health insurance coverage does not include dentistry. There are clinics across the state that offer low-cost dentistry to low-income individuals. To research your options, you may want to start here:

Workers compensation coverage

As a Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps*State member, you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act…

As a Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps State member, you are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act which is administered by the Department of Labor and Industries. This is a no-fault insurance program covering service related accidents or illnesses. It covers medical benefits only; it does not pay for time lost.

If you have a service-related accident, report your injury and how it happened to your supervisor at once. Do not delay!
If you need a doctor’s care, you may select the doctor of your choice as long as the doctor treats state Industrial Insurance patients. Tell the doctor it is a job-related injury and that you are covered under L & I. Most doctors and hospitals have the Accident Report form that is required by the program. Be sure you answer every question on the “worker’s” part of the form. Where it asks for your position or job title, write AmeriCorps Volunteer. For employer’s name and address use:

Washington Service Corps
P.O. Box 9046
Olympia, Washington, 98507-9046

Your doctor will complete his/her portion of the report and will mail the original copy to the Department of Labor and Industries.

If you have a question not answered by the information above, please contact us.

Member Assistance Program

The AmeriCorps Member Assistance Program (MAP) is designed to provide accessible and quality mental health services to AmeriCorps members through confidential and 24/7counseling services.

Call 1-800-451-1834 (you must mention you’re an AmeriCorps member, and may be asked if you’re with the WA Service Corps or WA Reading Corps) or download the app — it’s that easy, and it’s free!

Through AllOneHealth, you will be provided with the following at no cost to you:

  • 24/7 unlimited in-the-moment telephonic support from certified, master’s degree-level counselors for personal or professional concerns, including stress management;
  • referrals to services, such as legal, financial, housing, new parent consultations and eldercare/childcare;
  • mobile application providing self-care resources and confidential appointment scheduling.


For program year 2018-19, GAP Solutions will again provide child care for eligible AmeriCorps*State members. Application forms are available on their website.

To research other child care options, visit Washington’s Child Care Resource and Referral Network website.

Contact GAP Solutions:

Member training hub

Required Core and Professional Development Online Trainings

All Members are required to take the  required Core Online Trainings and Professional Development Trainings throughout the service term to ensure you have the foundational knowledge for a successful experience at Washington Service Corps and Washington Reading Corps. These trainings will be found on our Talent Learning Management System or Talent LMS.  You will get an invitation emailed to you from Talent LMS  your first day of service to login and set up a password after which you will be able to access your account.

Online training schedule

1. AmeriCorps welcome, benefits, and developing a support system

Posted: Your service start date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

2. Understanding the Member Service Agreement and Position Description Form

Posted: Your service start date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

3. TimeTracker timesheet training

Posted: Your service start date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

4. Online calendar review and major due dates

Posted: Your service start date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

5. Prohibited activities and policies

Posted: Within a month of your start date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

6. Cultural competency, effective communication, leadership development, and volunteer managment

Posted: 11/26/19 (2019 start dates)
3/31/20 (2020 start dates)
Due: Within 3 months weeks after post date to Talent LMS

7. Life after AmeriCorps

Posted: 2 weeks before your scheduled service end date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS

8. How to complete Exit Paperwork

Posted: 2 weeks before your scheduled service end date
Due: Within 2 weeks after post date to Talent LMS
WSC Regional Training & WRC Training Institute

All Members are required to take the one in-person training we have in the fall each year. This would be the Member Regionals for WSC Members, and Training Institute for WRC Members. These trainings will give you a chance to meet  your fellow members across the state, network, and share ideas and gain knowledge. If you start after the dates of the in-person trainings there will be a required online training available approximately in March. 

WSC members: You are required to attend the training location  based on which county you serve in. It’s important to attend the correct location to ensure there is enough space, supplies and food.

  • Note: We will also offer an in-person Life After AmeriCorps training that covers employment readiness followed by a job fair event. The details for this are still being developed, so more information will be coming out later this year. 
In-person training schedule
Regional trainings
Regional trainings
  • Great Wolf Lodge- Grand Mound, WA
  • October 23rd, 2019
  • For members serving in Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason, Pacific, Thurston, Clark, Pierce, Lewis, or Cowlitz County
Training institute

Policies & procedures

Service management

This policy outlines expectations for those overseeing WSC members, including their responsibility regarding informing WSC of site staff changes, member orientation, disciplinary action, and retention strategies.

View POL#105

This policy outlines the responsibility of site staff to ensure service hours are reported correctly, and to provide their WSC member(s) with the opportunity to fully complete their service requirements.

View POL#120

This policy outlines the responsibility of site staff to ensure member service activities are allowable, and not prohibited by CNCS or WSC.

View POL#121

Abortion services policy details

Education vs. Lobbying policy details

CNCS guidance on 2020 Census activities

This policy outlines the process for selecting appropriate alternative service projects, and recording and verifying alternative service hours.

View POL#122
Alternative service form

This policy outlines standard practices for member leave under circumstances including holiday leave, administrative hold, disciplinary suspension, armed forces reserves, and jury duty.

View POL#123

This policy outlines expectations surrounding member participation in WSC regional trainings or the WRC institute, and the service site’s responsibility to ensure member attendance and reimburse member travel costs.

View POL#124

This policy outlines expectations for members and site supervisors when engaging in teleservice, including verifying service, maximum teleservice hours per month, the reporting of teleservice hours, and reasonable accommodations.

View POL#125
Teleservice authorization form(.docx)

This policy outlines expectations for WSC member conduct, site staff responsibility for ensuring members understand rules of conduct, and standard disciplinary procedure.

View POL#130

This policy outlines expectations for WSC member appearance and use of service gear, and site staff’s responsibility to provide guidance on proper attire for the service environment.

View POL#131

This policy outlines expectations for managing member service related accidents and injuries, and site staff responsibility to ensure their member(s) follow WSC procedures in the event of a service-related accident or injury.

View POL#133
Member incident report form

This policy outlines expectations for the request and provision of reasonable accommodations, as well as the procedure for filing a discrimination complaint.

View POL#140
Reasonable accommodation definitions
Member request for reasonable accommodation form

This Policy/Procedure applies to all Washington Service Corps (WSC) AmeriCorps members, including Washington Reading Corps (WRC), and any other AmeriCorps project area managed by WSC, who wish to request a pro-rated education award due to compelling personal circumstances.

View POL#141

This policy outlines the standard procedure for the transfer of a WSC member from one sponsoring organization to another.

View POL#150

This policy outlines the standard procedure for managing member deployment for disaster response, and the conditions of deployment.

View POL#160

This form provides guidance on how to help WSC member(s) apply for and receive child care.

View childcare benefits form

Member exit

Complete the following steps to ensure that you exit your AmeriCorps term on time and are recognized for all the service hours you completed.

Review our instructions to confirm which forms must be submitted in accordance with the type of exit.

There are 6 different types of member exits:
a. Standard, end of scheduled term
b. Early exit, non-compelling, for cause, project decision
c. Early exit, compelling, pro-rated award requested by both primary site staff and member
d. End of term, not enough hours, compelling, pro-rated award requested by both primary site staff and member
e. End of term, not enough hours, non-compelling, no pro-rated award requested

Collaborate with your site staff to complete all forms below. Your site staff will send all forms in one complete packet to your coordinator within 5 business days of your exit date.

Confirm all of your timesheets have been submitted and approved.

Sign in to the TimeTracker to check.

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