Program benefits

Many people join AmeriCorps solely to help those in need, while some join to gain professional development skills or “try out” a position similar to one they’re thinking of making a career in – such as teaching or environmental habitat restoration.

Whatever the initial reason, by the end of their service term, AmeriCorps members realize the impact that the service itself has had on them; forever changing the way they view and interact with the world around them.

WSC members Lindsay and Maria serving at Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust in Issaquah, WA

Program year 2023-24 benefits

Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust team poses in front of nursery with WSC members
WSC member Rachel serving with University of Washington in Seattle, WA tabling at a promotional event

What service looks like

The Washington Service Corps is one of the few AmeriCorps programs in the nation that offers so many different fields to serve in.
Most positions serve 40 hours per week for 10.5 months unless otherwise indicated, and fall within one of seven focus areas. Read more about each focus area below, then get an insider’s perspective by reading our members’ stories of service.

Washington Service Corps member Derek is serving with Neighborhood House in Seattle

Where you can serve

Wondering what it’s like to live in Washington?

If you don’t already live in the Evergreen State, you may not know just how diverse Washington is! From the rugged Pacific Coast to the plains of the Eastern WA high desert, from the bustling city of Seattle to the remote, rural communities like Chewelah – Washington has something for everyone.

Just as diverse as the state’s environs, so too are its economics – for instance, the availability of low-cost housing and the price of groceries can be very different from one region to the next.

To learn more about living in Washington on an AmeriCorps stipend, please review our planning guide and Service Resource Kit.

Washington Service Corps Trisha and Samantha serving with The Hunger Intervention Program in Seattle, WA

How and when to apply

Service resource kit

Our Service resource kit is filled with resources and ideas to help you plan for and complete your AmeriCorps service term.
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