Washington Reading Corps member Dana serving at Oakville Elementary School in Oakville, WA
My name is Dana, I am an Americorps literacy aid through Washington Reading Corps at Oakville Elementary School in Oakville, Washington.

Roughly 50% of all students attending this district are at least a full grade level or two behind in their literacy and/or math skills. With the position I am under, I essentially tutor children between the ages of 3 and 7 in the literacy subject. I work with kids so that they are more prepared for the higher grades and can move up in school with less problems than before.

One student that I work with is a preschooler named Briar. When he began school in October, he could barely understand his name, let alone say it. Every day for five days a week I would pull him into one of the small groups that I work with and read to them, ask questions, assess their literacy skills and so much more. As I am assessing the preschoolers, I will ask them questions and engage them in conversation so they build on their social skills and are more comfortable during this time.

Since the beginning of school, Briar has blossomed. He can now say partial sentences and can recite how old he is in the bat of an eye. I am so proud of his progress. My time as a WRC member has greatly help me solidify my decision on pursuing a career in early childhood education. I am more than looking forward to serving more terms and working with more children that are behind and encouraging them to get caught up.