My name is Mamata (Mamta), and I’m one of the AmeriCorps Employment Specialist serving at World Relief Seattle through the Washington Service Corps helping the most valuable individual’s coming from around the world with only one hope which is ‘Peace and Protection’. These individuals go through what we know as culture shock, from food, a place to stay, education, to employment. 
As we know that working in a country that requires a lot more than the employer’s need. However, each of the participants that we serve here in the World Relief Seattle goes through a lot more than we can imagine coming with the status of lack recognition or seen as weak, forgotten or pushed back are known as “Refugees, Asylee, or any other immigrants”. Among millions of individuals who have one of these statuses only less than 1 percent get to find a ‘Peace and Protection’. As part of the World Relief Seattle and the employment team, we provide the support that gives them hope by teaching them through a job class and helping them complete a resume, job search, interview, paperwork, go work clothes shopping, and so on. Through these different services we provide, we help our participants to be self-sufficient. 
One of the participants that I serve opened up about feeling comfortable when I’m helping him do a job search, teaching a job class or even when I helped him to create a resume. He stated to me, “coming to the office and getting support from you I always felt like I have someone that listens to me and even tries to speak the language that I know.” Our cultural similarity and a language we both spoke have brought both of us into a deeper understanding and much of acknowledgment. As coming from a similar background with most of the participants, I feel connected with them. Being here in this organization has opened up my listening skills and has taught me to be open-minded and acknowledge where each individual is coming from and listen to their stories or to share one of my own. Helping each participant learn to be self-sufficient is an achievement that will never be forgotten, but will always be remembered, celebrated as personally and the non-profit as well.