WSC member Michael serving with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

My name is Michael, and I am serving with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust as their Restoration Associate. During my term of service, I have done many projects and volunteer events that contribute to steward the Greenway. My fellow WSC team members and I had the opportunity to learn how to use a chainsaw to keep trails open and safe for the general public. Chainsaw training took place on Squak Mountain in Issaquah, WA where many recreational hikers use the trails daily. Along with trail maintenance, we also serve alongside with a NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) team which provide the Greenway team with so much help. They arrived in January and will serve with the Greenway until April. Serving alongside with them has been great as they bring diverse perspectives and skills to the Greenway and hope other WSC/WRC AmeriCorps members get to interact with a NCCC group. Another project that really helped developed my professional career path as a project manager is providing a planting plan that deals with Japanese Knotweed on private properties along Issaquah Creek. The planting plan details where native trees and shrubs will be planted along the creek to out-compete the Japanese Knotweed and provide shade and woody material to the stream to maintain a healthy ecosystem for salmon. What I got out of this project is providing a detailed plan on where certain species would thrive while keeping in mind where to out-shade the Japanese Knotweed.