WSC member Kecen harvesting on a community farm in SW Washington

My name is Kecen and I’m an AmeriCorps serving at the City of Vancouver’s volunteer program. My usual duties included planning and supporting volunteer events with the city and recruiting volunteers. Since the City cancelled all its volunteer events, I’ve been doing alternate service with the Clark County Food Bank.

The Food Bank runs a farm plot at Heritage Farm on 78th street that grows over 100,000 (the farm managers hope to reach 200,000) pounds of food a year for people in need. Freshly-picked vegetables are shipped directly from the farm to the food bank. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I help out by weeding, planting, and picking produce. There is always work to be done, especially when weeds are concerned.

My favorite activity at the farm is picking vegetables. Searching for squash big enough to cut off the vine is such fun, and so is pulling out carrots. Vegetables in the field come in unusual shapes. For example, I’ve pulled up many carrots with forked roots that make them look like they have legs. I hope whoever gets these carrots appreciates how unique they are.

I’m happy to show up at the farm because I know someone will enjoy fresh food they otherwise wouldn’t because of our efforts. Given how many people are struggling right now, this service is more important now than ever!