César Chávez gave our nation and each of us a unique example to live our lives by. His selfless dedication for farm worker and worker rights, economic justice, civil rights, environmental justice, peace, nonviolence, empowerment of the poor and disenfranchised, is a monumental legacy that will inspire all and the generations to come.

WSC is celebrating César’s spirit of social justice with a special Day of Service on March 31st.

Below are upcoming César Chávez  Day of Service projects hosted by Washington Service Corps sites. For Washington Service Corps Members: If you would like us to add your service project to the list, please contact your Program Coordinator.

Join us on Thursday, March 31st for a cleanup at Seward Park in honor of César Chávez Day of Service!

The cleanup will last from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm and we will provide all the supplies you need. Feel free to bring your own trash grabber, bucket, or gloves if you would like. As the event gets closer, we will send volunteers an email with more details. Space is limited to twenty volunteers, so make sure to sign up quickly!


Please note, volunteers must show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and wear masks when gathered. Please do not attend the event if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Email Gillian@pugetsoundkeeper.org if you have any questions about this.

Register here

On March 31st volunteers would help us at Violet Prairie Farm (17843 Gibson Rd SE, Tenino WA) our native seed farm from 9am to 3pm. This farm is where we grow the majority of the forbs (broad leafed plants/wild flowers) that CNLM, WDNR, WDFW, and JBLM use in their prairie restoration efforts. Farming wild plants for seed is a labor intensive project and we would love some help! We can use up to 40 people for the farm projects. 

We have some fairly simple weeding/general tasks that we would love(!) help with. The particular projects are somewhat weather dependent and  would be at the volunteers discretion. There will be some options for mixing up tasks, so folks can move their bodies in different ways through out the day. 

Easy Weeding: targeting a single species of weed, or weeding around a very obvious native plant. This could include kneeling, standing upright using a long handled tool, repetitive motion, using soil knife to weed out tap rooted plants.

Hedgerow Maintenance: digging out black berries, pruning shrubs, hauling and spreading wood chip mulch and weeds. Volunteers will be hauling mulch/weeds short distances over uneven ground and will be working with or around sharp tools including shovels, pick axes, and loppers. 

Irrigation line weed prevention/management: weeding previously tarped irrigation lines, mulching irrigation lines. This will require repetitive motion, walking over uneven ground, kneeling for periods of time, and working around farm hazards. 

We request any volunteers for this project come dressed to work on a farm in the weather for the day. Ideally folks are wearing clothing that they can move freely in and can get very dirty. Sturdy shoes with good soles are recommended. Waterproof shoes or boots would be best, but anything that can get muddy and dirty with good traction and a sturdy sole is fine. Weather protection for both sun and rain is recommended. Folks should bring a lunch, water bottle, snacks, work gloves (if they have them, we have gloves to loan out if needed) and anything that will help keep them comfortable and happy for a day on the farm. I recommend a change of shoes and socks for the end of the day and dressing in layer as the spring weather fluctuates often! 

To participate email Angela

On April 4th  volunteers would be helping us keep the scotch broom off of Glacial Heritage Preserve (15014 Mima/Gate road SW) 9am-12pm. We use a tool called a weed wrench to use leverage to pull the invasive broom out of the ground. Volunteers will be kneeling or bending at the waist or knees for this project. Volunteers can set their own pace and take breaks as needed. We will be spread out for this activity, everyone will be working in the same easy to see/communicate area. We could use up to 30 volunteers each day for this project. This project would have volunteers walking a total of 1-2 miles throughout the day (with the potential for more distance if folks tour or walk the preserve) on gravel roads or across open ground. Volunteers should come dressed for the weather, bring plenty of water, snacks, and a lunch. Rain pants and waterproof shoes are recommended, even if the day is supposed to be dry. The dew lingers on the grass and can make for a damp start to the day if folks are unprepared. Sun protection is recommended if the weather is sunny, we will be working near tree lines, but we will likely not be working in shade for very much of the day. I recommend bringing an extra pair of shoes and socks for after the day out with us. 

To participate email Angela

On Tuesday April 5th we will have a scheduled volunteer project at Deschutes River Preserve (10048 WA-507)between Tenino and Rainier) that runs from 9am to 3pm, we could add up to 15 additional volunteers to this day/project. for all or part of the day. 

To participate email Angela