Our history

In 1983, the Washington state legislature established the Washington Service Corps (WSC) to promote community service and support youth employment around the state. The WSC was the first program of its kind in the nation. A decade later, the federal government created the AmeriCorps national service program, looking at WSC as one of the models for that program’s design.

Since 1994, we have been a part of the federal AmeriCorps program, with primary funding coming from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) through an annual grant application process.

For almost 30 years, we have run an AmeriCorps*State program in which members are placed individually, in small groups and large teams with organizations across the state.

In 1998, our Washington Reading Corps program was created through a collaboration between the Governor’s office, Serve Washington, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the WSC. This program solely focuses on improving literacy in children and students, placing AmeriCorps members in schools and early learning centers who provide tutoring to struggling readers.

With both programs combined, today we have approximately 500 AmeriCorps members serving statewide.

Mission and values

Our vision:  Serving others is a way of life.

Our mission:  The mission of the Washington Service Corps is to promote and support community-based initiatives that:

Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Washington Service Corps is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We acknowledge as a program and as individuals that we continually grow in our understanding of privilege and bias.  We know, too, that we must work to remove institutional barriers to service and continue to work to be as inclusive as possible.

We believe in the power of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive program. One where our team and AmeriCorps members are respected as individuals. A program where we are all recognized for the knowledge and expertise we bring to service.

We are striving to make service an opportunity that is fully and openly accessible for all people.
To this end, Washington Service Corps is demonstrating our commitment through action.

WSC is committed to:

What we do

The Washington Service Corps is unique in its program design and history:

What we offer our partners

What we offer our AmeriCorps members

Our team

Bryce Bateman 
Training Specialist / bryce.bateman@esd.wa.gov / mobile: 360-549-6129 / office: 360-890-3511

Bryce is a graduate of the University of Washington and a three-time AmeriCorps alum, serving two terms with the Federal Way Public Schools AmeriCorps team, and one term as the AmeriCorps Leader for the WSC. Bryce joined the Washington Reading Corps as a program coordinator in January of 2017, where he offered technical support and guidance to partner sites and our AmeriCorps members. Away from work, Bryce enjoys spending time with his wife and two Corgis, closely following Seattle sports, and visiting friends and family.

Robert Brader
WSC Data and Performance Measurement Analyst / robert.brader@esd.wa.gov / office: 360-890-3524

Robert began his public service career over 23 years ago. He joined WSC in 2006, bringing with him a wealth of workforce development experience. Robert lends his skills as our lead performance measurement and evaluation coordinator, providing quality performance measurement consultation and technical assistance to our staff and sponsoring organizations. Robert holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from Oregon State University and a master’s degree from Bastyr University in applied behavior science, with an emphasis on systems theory, counseling, coaching and leadership development. Robert enjoys gardening, loves all things musical and spends his time exploring the Olympic Peninsula backcountry. Robert strongly believes in work that transforms and engages the community in ways that heal, strengthen and inspire individuals, and the systems they inhabit.

Polly Criscuola Administrative Assistant / polly.criscuola@esd.wa.gov / office: 360-764-5208

Polly Criscuola

Polly Criscuola Administrative Assistant / polly.criscuola@esd.wa.gov / office: 360-764-5208

Polly joined WSC in 2023. She has a passion for helping people and several years of experience working for Washington State agencies. When she’s not working, Polly enjoys spending time with friends and family, nature walks, and meditation.

Kendra DeBow
Site and Member Svcs. Supervisor / kendra.debow@esd.wa.gov / mobile: 360-522-0657 / office: 360-890-3529

Kendra joined WSC in 2014. She is an AmeriCorps alum, and a graduate from the Evergreen State College with a professional background in social services and national service program coordination. Kendra is currently our lead program coordinator for Washington Reading Corps and Washington Service Corps, supervising staff and project planning for both programs.

Jason McLaughlin
Outreach Specialist / jason.mclaughlin@esd.wa.gov /

Jason McLaughlin

Jason McLaughlin
Outreach Specialist / jason.mclaughlin@esd.wa.gov /

Jason joins the Washington Service Corps after spending the past 15 years as a youth sports program director and basketball coach. He is looking forward to helping people learn about the life changing opportunities that the WSC has to offer in our communities across the State of Washington.  Jason is a proud alumni of Tacoma Community College and the University of Washington, where he earned his Bachelors Degree. He has a passion for helping others and spending time with his family. He loves books, collecting music & movies, while searching for retro video games.

Ashley Palmer
Director / ashley.palmer@esd.wa.gov / mobile: 360-628-2510 / office: 360-890-3530

Ashley joined with Washington Service Corps in June 2018 as the Operations Manager focusing on operational duties for the program.  In January 2022, Ashley was promoted to serve as the director of WSC.  As the new director Ashley is excited to continue working with the incredible WSC team. Focus on aligning internal work for a more collaborative and streamlined program by breaking down process silos, and embracing new opportunities for WSC programs with goals to expand and evolve to best serve Washington State’s most critical needs with national service projects.   She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Evergreen State College and has been a public servant for 17 years serving in the Washington State government. 

Polly Criscuola

Sandie Peterson
Budget and Finance Specialist / sandra.petersonevans@esd.wa.gov/ office: 360-890-3525

Sandie has worked with the Washington Service Corps for more than 20 years. She has been our budget and payroll coordinator for the last 15 years.  When she’s not working, Sandie likes spending time with her two dogs and four cats.

Washington Service Corps staff member Brandon sitting in front of star background with daughter on his lap.

Brandon Rendon
Lead Program Coordinator/ brandon.rendon@esd.wa.gov / Phone: 360-706-3979

Brandon is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Brandon spent years as a lean leader for an advanced manufacturer but felt the calling for social work to improve our community and to be a good role model for his children.  As a social worker Brandon has been a substitute educator & volunteer tennis coach, an SSVF case manager for homeless veterans, an agency affiliated mental health counselor, a supervisor for ESD, a Site and Member Services Coordinator for Washington Service Corps, and is currently a Lead Program Coordinator with the WSC team.

David Reid
Lead Program Coordinator/ david.reid@esd.wa.gov / mobile: 360-688-3179 / office: 360-890-3523

David has been a WSC program coordinator since 2013, initially overseeing eight team projects before taking on environmental stewardship and veterans & military families projects statewide. David came to WSC from Sitka, Alaska, where he was a manager with the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, David served with land units and aboard U.S. Navy ships overseas. His career also includes many years in law enforcement. David has a strong passion for the environment and loves the outdoors.

Staff member Britt smiling at camera in outdoor setting.

Britt Sullateskee
Site and Member Services Coordinator / brittany.sullateskee@esd.wa.gov/

Britt has worked in the peace profession in Bellingham, WA for the past 7 years helping community members approach conflict in healthy and productive ways. In her most recent role, she worked for a small non-profit, called the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center where she held various roles ranging from Youth Program Coordinator, Training Coordinator to Lead Family Mediation Case Manager. Britt hails from Colorado but moved to Washington in 2011. She and her family love the beauty of the Northwest, walking their dogs and cheering for the Denver Broncos!

Site and Member Services Coordinator Rebecca

Rebecca Vigoren
Site and Member Services Coordinator / rebecca.vigoren@esd.wa.gov

Rebecca joined WSC in 2022. After graduating from a small private university in Hawaii, she served her first AmeriCorps term with NCCC as a team leader in the Southwest region. They served their second AmeriCorps term as the VISTA Leader for the Skagit County VISTA team before going on to being the Project Director. Rebecca is a Washington native, but has spent years traveling and working throughout the U.S. and abroad. Among her favorite places she has lived are Washington D.C., Hawaii and Ghana. Rebecca spends their time away from work traveling, spoiling her cats and binging tv shows. 

Polly Criscuola

Kari Wood
Operations Lead / kari.wood@esd.wa.gov / office: 360-890-3513

Kari came to WSC in 2011 with a desire to shift her career to being part of an organization that helps people in need and the beautiful, unique Pacific Northwest that she calls home. As part of our operations team, she is involved in many aspects of our program, primarily in communications, contracts, and system/process development and implementation. She treasures the moments when she can chat with our AmeriCorps members, learning more about their daily service experience and sharing their story with others.

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