WSC AmeriCorps member stories of service

WSC member Francesca serving with the Hunger Intervention Program in Seattle lifts a crate of food stuff in a warehouse.

Learned preferences

My name is Frankie and I am currently serving as an AmeriCorps member with Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) in Lake City, Seattle. As Nutrition Program

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WSC member Elizabeth, in a blue aprom giving a presentation to 10 participants sitting around a table.

Food & community

My name is Elizabeth and I am serving as Community Food Educator at Solid Ground. In my role I help coordinate cooking and nutrition classes

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WSC member Rachel serving with University of Washington in Seattle poses with literature outside

Gender Equity

My name is Rachel and I serve as an AmeriCorps member at the University of Washington Women’s Center. As the Gender Equity and Leadership Coordinator,

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WSC member Madison serving with Delridge Neighborhood Development Association


Imagine you are in a forest grove underneath a tunnel of intertwining branches. The afternoon light is trickling in through the leaves, highlighting the forest

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WSC member Mamata serving with World Relief Seattle, working at their desk

Cultural connections

My name is Mamata (Mamta), and I’m one of the AmeriCorps Employment Specialists serving at World Relief Seattle through the Washington Service Corps helping individuals

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WSC member Katherine serving with Pierce Conservation District, in a garden bed with volunteers.

Reducing food waste

My name is Katherine and I am an AmeriCorps Service Member serving with the Pierce Conservation District in Puyallup through the Washington Service Corps.In my

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WSC member Fate serving with Forterra

Restoring urban forests

Forterra is an environmental non-profit that secures keystone lands with the goal of creating a sustainable future for all. I, Fate, am an Americorps member

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